Estimates are based on the information given to us by you. When a booking is undertaken we will send out confirmation of the booking that shows all the information given for the estimate. It is important to make sure all details are correct and include all material facts, as false details or incorrect information can lead to additional fees or even the booking being cancelled. We reserve the right to change our rates at short notice.

Contracts Available

Contracts are available for those clients who only need to use our services at busy times or to help with staff shortages. You can use our services on a “once only” basis, weekly or monthly on a 3,6,9 or 12 month basis. Please call for further details. Once you have used our services you are agreeing that you fully accept out terms of business and contract has been signed.


Our billing cycle is charged in increments of half an hour with a minimum of 5 hours for one off sites/venues and events and 5 hours minimum for contract sites/venues and events. Expenses are calculated as follows: After the first 35 miles of travelling you will be charged for the full distance at 40P per mile each way calculated as a return journey from our office. After one hour of travelling time, you will also be billed in increments of half an hour, to the nearest following half an hour, at a rate of 50% of the contracted hourly rate, for the remainder of the travelling time. Invoices are produced on a weekly basis unless otherwise agreed with ourselves. Settlement of the invoice can be made by cash, BACS, direct bank transfer or cheque. An administration fee of £25.00 will be charged for any cheque returned unpaid.


Please note: if you wish to cancel your booking or terminate your contract early you must contact us on 07860 312 654 no less than 48 hours prior to the start time of that week’s agreement. The charges that are payable by you to ourselves for cancelling the booking/contract are as follows:

  • 4 weeks’ notice = no charge is payable by you.

  • 3 weeks’ notice=25% of your booking/contract is payable.

  • 2 weeks’ notice=50%of your booking/contract is payable.

  • 7 days’ notice or less, or if we cancel your booking/contract due to non-payment=100% of your booking/contract is payable.

If you do not pay any money owed, we reserve the right to use a debt recovery agency to recover any amounts unpaid. Any costs we have to recoup this money will be added to your existing debt. Any refund due will be paid via your original payment method.

Holiday charges

Public holidays will be charged at one and a half times your contract/billing hourly rate. Christmas Eve, Christmas day, Boxing day, New Year’s day will be charged at twice your contract/billing hourly rate.

Comments & complaints

We believe in offering you a first class professional service at all times, if you feel we have not met your expectations please contact us immediately and we will do our best to resolve your issue(s), please  Email: or alternatively ring 07860 312 654..

Contractual Agreement

Unless otherwise stated when you make your initial booking you will be sent a contract to sign and return: you need to check the contents and read our terms of business. You have 14 days from the date shown on your contract to check all information and return it to ourselves signed and dated. If after the 14 days we have not received your contract, and you have not contacted us in any way, we will terminate any agreement, written or otherwise, and assume that you no longer require our services. Once you have signed the contract you are agreeing that you have read and accepted our terms of business and all information recorded within our terms of business and contract terms even if no contract has been signed. This contract/agreement then becomes a legal binding document.

Abbreviations: You- The client, customer, client’s representative.

We/Us/Ourselves – Edmond Wilson and Scott Smale (compass k9 ltd)